B.C. Technology Limited is one of the UK’s longest established security companies, offering the Aiphone range of video and audio access control and internal communications systems – considered one of the world’s leading brands.

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Aiphone’s QuikSpec Program is provided as a tool to help you design an Aiphone system. Some working knowledge of Aiphone is helpful. 

The most popular Aiphone applications can be designed with QuikSpec 

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    Entry security is a vital feature in areas of multi family living. As with single family homes, the more the occupant

    Category : Audio / Video Entry Security Intercom

    DA – ND
    GF Audio / Video
    GF Audio / Video +

    In today’s busy world your intercom systems have to be reliable as businesses try to become more productive

    Category : Commercial

    Handset intercom
    Market Com
    Open voice / Handset intercom
    Open voice intercom

    High powered intercoms are ideal for busy warehouses and factory environments where machinery noise is a factor website link

    Category : Industrial

    High Power Intercom
    Mid Power Intercom